Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions.
They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.(Bach)
« Savoir écouter son cœur, suivre ses intuitions, faire confiance à sa propre sagesse. »
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Restore confidence in our "instinct", our intuition, our inner voice and be able to do what is right for us.

This remedy is appropriate when we do not trust our own judgment to make a decision. We doubt our decisions, our intuition. We seek confirmation from others by asking them their opinion.
For example, when we ask those around us: "What would you do in my place?", "What do you think?" " In your opinion…?"...
Faced with the various answers that we get, we feel lost and, eventually, end up doing anything except that which we decided upon in the first place.  Frequently, we then regret not having followed through on our first idea!
Ceratostigma willmottiana
Lisa MacManus ... thank you for the translation
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I decided,
 Then I doubted,
I asked
And asked.
All these opinions,
It's too kind.
I'm lost
I know no longer.