But what are They?
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Dr. Bach wished his method to be accessible to all and even though it is easy to find the remedies in shops, prepare them yourself can be a rewarding experience. It opens us, so we get more aware of this nature around us.

I didn’t pay much attention to nature around me before, getting to know the Bach flowers changed that. I did appreciate the shadows of big trees in the summer, the colours of flowers and the taste of fruits and vegetables, but I did not linger myself.

Today, wherever I go, my eyes go around and spot flowers where they are. What a joy to discover a wild clematis in the city, some agrimony or chicory along the country roads or glandular impatiens, «weeds » growing along the streams.

Our parks, forests, and garden are rich of many trees, young ones and hundred years old once, under which we can rest, recharge or take a walk.

Little by little, I learn to recognise those trees. Try this experience, go and lean your back against their trunk, lay back just a moment, and listen, observe and feel the good it can bring you.

Nowadays, councillors propose workshops to get to know plants better, to get to know their physical or botanical characteristics, or to go meet them in nature.