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Edward Bach was born on September, the 24th in Moseley, near Birmingham, in Great Britain. 

He begins to study medicine. 

He suffers a haemorrhage and has to be operated upon urgently. He is diagnosed with cancer and told he only has 3 months to live. He decides to devote what is left of his time to humanity. He is so passionate about his new research that time passes, far beyond the 3 months foreseen. 

He starts to study at the London Homeopathy Hospital where he learns to take care of people instead of illnesses. 

While on a trip home, he has the intuition that the cause of all disease lies within the human soul.
« Disease is only the physical manifestation of a uneasiness, a lack of harmony caused by a mental situation that disturbs the body’s balance ». 

Even though his medical practice on Harley Street in London is flourishing, he decides move to Sotwell, a small village south of Oxford. He starts looking for flowers capable of returning balance and harmony to the soul. Being highly sensitive and having intuition, he first discovers a series of 6 flowers and he prepares remedies with them. This first series will be completed by a second series of 6 flowers. He then publishes an article concerning the 12 healing flowers (Agrimony, Centaury, Cerato, Chicory, Clematis, Gentian, Impatiens, Mimulus, Rock Rose, Scleranthus, Vervain and Water Violet). He later added 26 other flowers to constitute the whole actually known 38 Bach flower remedies. He also creates a 39th remedy called “Rescue Remedy” or “emergency remedy”, a mixture of 5 flower remedies to be used in case of emergency or injury. During the summer, he writes ‘Heal Thyself’.
In his book « Healing with flowers », he reveals his theory that mind and body are closely related » 

He dies on November the 27th. After his death, his assistants, Nora Weeks and Viktor Bullen establish « the Bach Centre » in his house of Mount Vernon.