Preparing the 
Bach remedies
Dr. Bach wished his method to be accessible to all and even though the remedies can easily be found in shops, preparing them ourselves can be a rewarding experience. 

We pay more attention to the surrounding nature.

Before discovering the remedies, I didn’t pay much attention to the nature surrounding me.

Sure, I enjoyed the shade under big trees in the summer, the variety of colours offered by flowers and the taste of fruits and vegetables, but I took them for granted.

Today, wherever I go, I look around with different eyes, finding remedies in unexpected places. What a joy to discover a wild clematis in the town, agrimony or chicory along the highway or impatiens growing along a stream.

Our parks, forests, and gardens are generously offering us trees, young and very old, under which we can rest, recharge our batteries or take a walk.

A little at a time, I have learned to name thosetrees. Have you ever tried leaning your back against their trunk, laying back just for a moment, and listening, observing and feeling what it can bring you?
Today, practitioners organize workshops to help you recognise the flowers and trees, to get you to know their physical or botanical characteristics, or to go meet them in nature.

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